Grow America™ IS devoted to growing companies, creating jobs and Stimulating the economy by helping to ignite the dreams and fuel the ambitions of real entrepreneurs with real ideas.

It is one part educational learning and insights. It is one part hands-on tools and training. It's about aligning partners, vendors, mentors and capital with today's dreamers and tomorrow's passionate capitalists.

Step-by-step, one company at a time, one community at a time, we are helping put America back to work.

The Grow America™ Competitions

Welcome. We look forward to your participation in many of the Grow America competitions as a competitor, voter, advisor, mentor, fan, friend, family member or colleague as you support entrepreneurs from across the country as they start and grow strong businesses.

We are proud to offer a platform to compete, learn, share and grow through a dynamic series of business competitions that anticipates injecting vast amounts of cash, services and energy into the economy.

As the engines of job creation for our nation, creative and passionate entrepreneurs like you are what this competition series is all about. Demonstrate your innovative genius with your new business idea or give a polished and persuasive depiction of your current business, fire up your supporters via social networks, and step into the limelight for a chance to win big!

Our Mission: U.S. Job Creation

It is easy to summarize the vision and the goals of Grow America: Believe in the power of entrepreneurship to put America back to work. To accomplish this, we are committed to providing a variety of valuable resources.

Competitions: Our national online competitions put entrepreneurs front and center, ready to be judged by our community, and ready for a jolt of seed money.
Content: We will provide the very best insights, know-how, expertise and ideas for building a business and believing you can do it.
Community: A network of passionate entrepreneurs, linked together to share success stories, ideas, build partnerships and opportunities.
Connections: Innovators from all over the country will link together to shape and grow their ideas. Partnerships and distribution deals will flow. Investors will transparently see highly vetted business ideas.

Whether your business is at the raw idea stage or is an existing business looking to grow into an industry titan, Grow America is working to offer you a customized educational pathway that can help you think critically about your business and help you apply what you learn to grow effectively.
The Grow America Experience is not just for tech start-ups. We are passionate about technology innovation but equally passionate about any entrepreneur, in any category, any market, ready to take on the challenges of entrepreneurship but who may lack the insights and resources to succeed.

About Grow America's Founder

Grow America founder Alan E. Hall has a personal mission to create jobs and lift local economies. Grow America, a national company, aligns the partners, mentors and capital that entrepreneurs need to create and grow tomorrow’s successful companies.

Alan Hall is also a founder and managing director of Mercato Partners, a top performing growth equity venture capital fund. Its focus is to invest in high growth technology companies that need additional funding and expertise in marketing and sales. Current portfolio companies include: Skullcandy, Fusion-io, Control4, Cymphonix, Mediconnect, CradlePoint and Stance.

Mr. Hall is also the founder, chairman and former CEO of MarketStar Corporation, a global outsourced marketing and sales company with a focus on assisting high technology companies increase sales through the small to medium business sectors. The company employs several thousand employees and generates billions of dollars in sales for its marquee clientele, including Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Sony, Intel and Verizon. MarketStar is owned by Omnicom Group (OMC).

Alan Hall is the chairman of Weber State University’s board of trustees and the chairman of the University’s capital campaign committee, a trustee of the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation, chairman of Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation and chairman of Prosperity 2020, a business-led movement committed to enhancing Utah’s educational system through investment and innovation.

He is an Ernst and Young and Mountain West Capital Network Entrepreneur of the Year recipient.

He is also an author, newspaper columnist and frequent public speaker.

He and his wife Jeanne are the chairman and president of the Hall Foundation. The mission of the foundation is that “there be no poor among us.” Alan and Jeanne Hall are the parents of six married children and sixteen grandchildren.