Fire up your fans to get more votes

The Grow Americaâ„¢ competitions are supercharged social events. To win, you'll have to rally your supporters and ignite the passion of your biggest fans. You need their votes and the votes of their friends to advance to the final round. So, here are some simple tips you can use to get more votes and improve your chances of winning cash for your business.

Effective Ways to Spread the Word

Prime the pump Get social Unleash your passion Upload a video

Prime the pump

Get social

Unleash your passion

Upload a video

Contact your family, friends, and biggest supporters first. Encourage them to vote for your entry and to ask others they know to do the same. If you have employees, urge them to tap into their own social networks to rally support.

Use your Facebook and Twitter pages, your blog, and your email lists to generate buzz about your competition entry. If you're in it to win it, you'll push hard for votes without being spammy.

Ideas that spread socially usually have a strong sense of purpose behind them. So, make sure your entry clearly explains how your offerings improve people's lives and reveals your passion.

Some people will be more likely to vote for your entry and share it socially if you post a compelling video. The real power of video is that it can showcase your passion. Pull back the curtain, unveil your personality and tell an inspiring story.

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