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What is the URL for my video?

Once you've uploaded your video, simply copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your web browser and paste it into your entry on to add your video to your competition entry.


Don't worry, we will handle setting the size, quality, and other specifics of the video player for you so you can focus on inspiring voters instead of the technical details.

The URL is the web address for your video that will look like:

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Make sure you copy the URL from your own video, not someone else's by mistake. It's a good idea to test the link in your browser before you submit it.

Why should I create and submit a video?

Most voters find it easier to understand the depth and personality of businesses that use video rather than just text and images. Most voters are not looking for super-high-quality production, and in many cases prefer the real-life look of homemade videos rather than an expensive and glitzy video. It is pretty likely that you or someone close to you has access to a decent webcam or even a mid-grade smartphone with a video camera in it. Use whatever you have and get filming, as the content is way more important than the quality.

Why can't I just upload my video to Grow America?

We assume that you are already or soon will be actively promoting your business all over the web. We would rather support that effort than be just one more place you have to upload content. Already have a YouTube video? Use that! Already using Vimeo to host the video on your website? Use that! We've built our system to work with both of these external video hosting providers so you can choose the one that works best for you and your existing marketing efforts.

Which video host should I use?

Whichever one makes sense for you. Both YouTube and Vimeo are excellent choices because they are free, fast, and easy to use. If you already have a Google/Gmail account for your business, YouTube is an easy choice. If you are going to be hosting videos on your website, Vimeo may be a better choice because it shows fewer advertisements. You do not need a paid account for either site for the purposes of Grow America competitions, though you certainly can use one. The size and quality of the video we display to voters is equivalent from both sites, so the choice is down to your preference or other marketing needs.

What makes a good video?

You, honestly. The very best and most effective videos are candid and human depictions of real entrepreneurs solving real problems. While glitz and polish can certainly help, they are not more important than a credible and interesting story.


Keep it on-target: Don't get lost in the weeds of your industry, statistics or cutesy marketing. Instead, make sure your video reflects who you are and what you are doing without so much extra detail and artistic flair that votes will misunderstand what it is you are trying to do.

Keep it concise: We don't have a time limit on the video, but the best videos are generally focused and brief. As a guideline, 2 minutes should be your target and 3 minutes is getting long. We know it is hard to compress your entire business into 2 minutes, but your voters will love the hard-hitting and efficient overview of your business if you keep it short, so do it anyway. Feel like you need more time to explain all those other key points? Refine your key points and rewrite your script to stay within 2 to 3 minutes, your point total will thank you.

Grab attention quickly: If your video isn't interesting in the first 15 seconds, strongly consider reworking it. You could reorder the content, pose an interesting question, start with something incredulous, and dramatic music or anything else you can think of to give your video an extra boost to start things off and keep the voters engaged and interested.