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HoistCam for Cranes
GM Engineering Services, LLC

The HoistCam™ ( from GM Engineering Services is a rapidly deployable wireless electronic night/day camera platform. HoistCam places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere. Safety is increased, and efficiency improved by mak...

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Xyloburst is quickly becoming America's favorite xylitol brand! XyloBurst is made from completely natural xylitol. It looks and tastes exactly like sugar, except it has 40% fewer calories and 75% fewe...

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DHA Family Farms Traditional Cajeta
DHA Family Farms aka Four Country Gals

DHA Family Farms, aka Four Country Gals brings you Traditional Cajeta, a Mexican sweet caramel sauce to die for. One taste = you're hooked....

7550 pts

Inside & Out Cosmetics
Inside & Out Cosmetics

Inside & Out Cosmetics operates under the mantra that beauty is more than skin deep. Our products are USDA certified organic, support women empowering charities with a portion of every sale, and are p...

7150 pts

el Casa Management
el Casa Management

El Casa Management originated with three goals in mind; to provide superior quality, to create spare time, and to help save money for consumers and home service providers. We believe we have created ...

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the Swing Swaddle
ShildeDesigns, LLC

ShildeDesigns is excited to feature the Swing Swaddle! An original idea and design, the Swing Swaddle was created to give your little ones comfort and security as they venture out on the playground an...

4555 pts


FiTMAPPED is a new marketing platform for fitness studios to attract members and a social directory for fitness enthusiasts. ...

3975 pts

Gym Logistics
Gym Logistics

Gym Logistics helps busy travelers find their next workout on the go. With our easy search and purchase platform, users can find facilities based on amenities and quickly purchase short-term passes. W...

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Little Miss Basics
Little Miss Basics

Little Miss Basics is the perfect solution for masculine, bulky, and uncomfortable onesies for baby girls. We offer feminine, fitting, and comfortable onesies for 3M to 24M old baby girls. Our onesies...

2995 pts

Sweet William Floral & Design
Sweet William Floral & Design

We offer interior design and floral design under one roof. Both are profitable on their own, but combining them gives us more room to grow. ...

2555 pts

Mia Mama Fitness
Mia Mama Fitness

Hey Mama!!! Shape a healthy future for you and your baby. Mia Mama Fitness provides pregnant and new mamas SAFE exercise that gets results. ...

2100 pts

Poison Ivy Mysteries Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
Poison Ivy Mysteries

Everyone needs to be entertained. Everyone needs an escape from the humdrum grind of daily living. Everyone needs a good, clean thrill. We strive to satisfy the inner detective within. We provide liv...

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The popularity of Ballroom Dance has exploded in Utah County. RedTango's goal is to pool together the best ballroom dancing resources in Utah. The best teachers, studio space, shoes, dresses, rhinesto...

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Columbus Furniture Revival LLC
Columbus Furniture Revival

Columbus Furniture Revival LLC refinishes, repaints, restains, repurposes, recycles and repairs furniture. I find the perfect place for your piece that may not fit your home, style or need. I take pie...

1555 pts
City Cakes & Cafe Inc.

City Cakes is a specialty bakery café that specializes in Vegan and Gluten Free products. We make everything from scratch using organic ingredients when we can. City Cakes has found its niche serving...

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Our goal is simple; to provide the best home to early stage start up businesses and sole proprietors in SLC. Our office community gives the business owner the opportunity to work in a co-working envir...

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Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves
Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves-NO SUGAR ADDED SPREADS

One taste will transport you; memories of fresh blackberries off vines, peaches & sweet juices running down your chin. We don't gel sugar-we make fresh fruit in a jar....

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We know how hard it is to wrangle kids while trying to shop. Bleue takes the kids and stress out of shopping, bringing the boutique to you! ...

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Buchanans Old Mill Co.
Buchanan's Old Mill Co.

My goal is to introduce Buchanans pancakes, (an original 1930 mix of whole wheat and unbleached flours) to the world. --smooth, fluffy, no-preservatives - self-rising -- what more would you want!...

1255 pts


FlyInStyle is an app to help passengers find deals, promos, product launches, happy hours and more at the airport! Have fun at the airport...for real....

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The Mighty Teeth Defenders
The Mighty Teeth Defenders

Did you know children lose 20 baby teeth between the ages of 5 and 9? I didn't. I have preserved the legend of the tooth fairy and incorporated modern day super heroes to aid her in her daily activi...

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The ONLY visual & engaging online stomping ground for small local businesses & those who want to find, share & love 'em....

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Royal Photo Booth
Royal Photo Booth

Royal Photo Booth provides photo booth rentals for any occasion. We provide a 3-in-1 Party Pack -- Photography, Non-Stop Entertainment, and Party Favors -- that will make any event more fun and memor...

970 pts

WSI Trash Valet and Recycling
WSI of Utah, LLC

Together We Make a Difference! WSI Trash Valet/Recycling generates revenue, increases retention, reduces costs. We make recycling convenient!...

970 pts
Infinity Headbands by Ambrosia Designs

Who wouldn't want to increase their accessory options while saving space and money? Infinity Headbands is the ONE headband with over 400 different looks. Young girls and moms, alike, are loving the ea...

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One Good Thread

One Good Thread, is an E-Commerce online children's boutique which specializes in limited stock production and unique smaller scale designers. ...

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KōDefy inspires new talent, especially women, toward software programming jobs, with flexibility, creativity, and earning power – filling and creating tech jobs....

775 pts
The Danielle Lin Show...

Talk radio that makes a difference...The Danielle Lin Show..."The Art of Living and Science of Life"- is a syndicated radio program sharing conversations with visionaries like Deepak Chopra, M.D., Way...

620 pts

Uptown Cheapskate
Uptown Cheapskate

It's not your typical 'thrift' store. Uptown Cheapskate is an upscale resale chain that buys, sells, and trades stylish clothing for young adults....

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The Sweet Brigadier Brazilian Chocolate Truffles
The Sweet Brigadier

Created in 2010, to fill a market that was not explored before. We make Brazilian Chocolate truffles, that we call Brigadiers, or the Brazilian national dessert. We are here to make delicious desserts...

565 pts
Desiree Marketing

Small Business Success Circle is a membership program by Desiree Marketing for training and accountability for small business owners....

520 pts

Allie's Walkabout
Allie's Walkabout

Kennels are stressful for many dogs; at Allie's Walkabout we alleviate that stress because your buddy lives with me and I love ‘em just like you do....

510 pts
Giving Families

Giving Families will change the future of our world by providing parents with the tools they need to share moments of giving with children....

475 pts

Rank & Style
Rank & Style

Rank & Style is on a mission to simplify and revolutionize shopping by bringing our users unbiased, data-driven top ten lists of the best fashion and beauty products. ...

420 pts

Sketchy People
Sketchy Games

Do you like to people-watch? Of course you do. People are interesting. They’re unpredictable, quirky and mischievous. Sketchy People is a party game about people and it’s just as unpredictable, q...

410 pts

FleurGirl, LLC
FleurGirl, LLC

Do you want to walk down the aisle in style? Well… stop and smell the roses. FleurGirl is a glamorous, stylish and chic floral design boutique that specializes in weddings. We put the “G” in G...

370 pts

Skycrane, Inc.
Skycrane, Inc.

Would you pay $100 to not have to work on Friday? Skycrane is an online and mobile marketplace that helps business owners and employees work smarter by enabling them to automate their work. Our missio...

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MyBOD™ Wellness
MyBOD™ Wellness

A Skype-based Pilates and Yoga service, MyBOD™ Wellness makes the luxury of in-home personal training accessible and affordable. YOUR body. YOUR budget. YOUR time. ...

345 pts
Direct Chiropractic Screenings, LLC

Since 2008 Direct Chiropractic Screenings has been offering free chair massage for local companies and events. We pride ourselves on providing the best licensed massage therapists and a relaxing atmo...

345 pts ID your IP & IP Vault

Identify and protect your intellectual property to succeed.

305 pts

Pocket Touch Up's
Pocket Touch Up's

Pocket Touch Up’s is a unique product. It caters to an existing need that isn’t available to the public as well as creates a solution that illuminates many of the problems with existing products. ...

260 pts

CultureBaby LLC

CultureBaby is a children's boutique offering international design and reinterpreted traditional crafts to our youngest global citizens....

255 pts

Sticky Sticks
Sticky Sticks, LLC

Sticky Sticks is setting a lasting trend in the Craft, Education and Advertising industries with its unique self-adhesive craft sticks. CHA Hot 20 item! Help us Grow!...

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We are an educational media company dedicated to empowering women, misfits and the powerless through fascinating how to videos, ebooks and mobile apps....

215 pts

Sweet Stalk
Sweet Stalk Sugar Cane Juice

Sweet Stalk provides good people with delicious and refreshing sugar cane juice. While sugar cane juice is consumed by trillions abroad, U.S. citizens are deprived of this delicious substance. Fr...

210 pts
Premier Equestrian

Premier Equestrian provides niche products to the equestrian industry with a world wide customer base. Premier Equestrian manufactures and distributes quality equestrian sporting equipment, dressage a...

200 pts

The Queen Bee
The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee: where Utah finds its favorite memories and gifts...with a little chocolate thrown in on the side...okay a lot of chocolate! ...

195 pts

Roylin's Lollycakes

Roylin's Lollycakes are Craveable, Custom, Cake Creations ON A STICK! I have always had a passion for baking and three years ago I discovered that my perfect artistic medium was cake and chocolate. Th...

195 pts

Bridal Closet
Bridal Closet

Bridal Closet is the newest independently owned bridal store in the Salt Lake valley. Our focus is to bring fairly priced Bridal and Prom gowns to our customers without sacrificing style. You will not...

190 pts

Red Star Transportation
Red Star Transportation

I started on a wish and a prayer as I gained a contract to service 5 Routes for a Charter school. I had no funds, just the contract. 18 months later we now have an office, a shop that opened as a Dies...

175 pts

To create a fitness niche for women to teach women how to be the best they can be.“Most people are content to live within their comfort zones; accepting a reality they have created and perceive to b...

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